Severe Storm Trends Canada - Rainfall Intensity Decreasing and Increasing - No Significant Climate Change

Legend for extreme rainfall trends.
The follow maps are extracted from the CityFloodMap.Com's interactive map of Environment Canada rainfall trends data.  The maps illustrate any climate change trends in short term extreme storm events. The full interactive map can be accessed at this link.

Maps show extreme rainfall trends over 5 minute durations that influence flooding in urban areas and small, 'flashy' catchments (e.g., small rural watersheds, or steep catchments that respond quickly to high intensity storm events). Tablular summaries of trends over longer durations up to 24 hours are included in another post.

Across Canada, 16 climate stations have observed statistically significant decreases in short term rain intensity, while 15 stations have observed statistically significant decreases.  Over 90% of Environment Canada's trends data shows no significant trend, or records are insufficient to determine trends.

British Columbia and Southern Alberta Extreme Rainfall Trends - Click to Enlarge

Southern Saskatchewan and Manitoba Extreme Rainfall Trends - Click to Enlarge
Northern Ontario Extreme Rainfall Trends - Click to Enlarge
Southern Ontario and Quebec Extreme Rainfall Trends - Click to Enlarge
Toronto, Hamilton, Niagara, Kitchener-Waterloo Extreme Rainfall Trends - Click to Enlarge

Maritimes and Eastern Quebec Extreme Rainfall Trends - Click to Enlarge
Newfoundland and Southern Labrador Extreme Rainfall Trends - Click to Enlarge

Extreme rainfall trends in Canada (Environment Canada Engineering Climate Datasets):

Static Maps:

Interactive Map:

Table Summaries:

Chart and Table:

Long-term Station Table:

Environment Canada Denies Changes:

Contradicting Insurance Industry Claims:


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