Canadian Extreme Rainfall Map - Climate Change Trends

Canadian Extreme Rainfall Trends - Interactive Map
(click on symbol for 5 minute to 24 hour rainfall trends and climate station details)

Other Canadian Climate Data:

Ontario climate change trends in short term severe weather (IDF shift).

Canadian climate station short term rainfall trends (15 minute IDF).

Tablular summary of rainfall trends by province (5 minute to 2 hour durations).

Climate Change IDF Shift
Screen capture of interactive map at top of post shows 5 minute extreme rainfall trends. Pop-up shows 5 minute to 24 hour duration trends. Source Environment Canada Engineering Climate Datasets version 2.3.

The pop-up box trend attributes for each station correspond to slopes on annual rainfall extreme plots in the Engineering Climate Datasets.  The example below shows Toronto Island A trend graphs and the corresponding attributes in the pop-up box.

IDF Curve Climate Change

All the the short term extreme rainfall trends for all climate stations in the interactive map, including statistical significance overall all durations, have been summarized in the following graph:


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