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Seattle is home of the 'side sewer' - another term for lateral sewer, or private drain connection (PDC) for those into acronyms.  That is, the sewer that connects your home or business to the City's mainline sewer in the street.  Seattle is also home to the 'Flusher Family' .. they star in a campy info-tainment video the Side Sewer Saga that educates on sewage basics.  Gotta love Ivana Flusher ... she flushes everything she shouldn't!  I'm actually having Austin Powers flashbacks ...Ivana Flushalot!
Home showing Building Sewer (aka Side Sewer)

Seattle Public Utilities notes common sources of sewer problems:
● Tree roots can penetrate older clay pipes. Modern side sewer pipes are heavy duty, water-tight plastic which last much longer.
● Grease can contribute greatly to sewer problems. Prevent grease, fat, oil, wax and other debris from
going down the drain by scraping them into the trash. Do not put these kinds of materials into your garbage
disposal. It can cause blockages in the sewer system, which can lead to backups.
● The grade (slope) of your private side sewer can also impact how well your sewer lines function. If the slope is too gradual, you may encounter more frequent blockages. To learn about required slope for side
sewers, call 206-684-5362.
● Sometimes, private side sewers are joined with neighboring properties before they connect to the city’s
sewer main. Any unusual bends, curves or connections can lead to sewer problems. A blockage in one section of a joint or shared side sewer line can cause backups to neighboring properties.
● Under rare circumstances, heavy storm-related events can result in backups in some areas with a combined sewer/drainage system. If you suspect that extreme rainfall is causing a sewer backup, call SPU’s 24-hour emergency number at 206-386-1800.
● To learn more about the City of Seattle's Side Sewer codes, permits, registered contractors and Director's
Rules visit call 206-684-5362.

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